Collective thoughts, problem encountered with FI

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Collective thoughts, problem encountered with FI

Post by ToFuBoX » Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:19 pm

Hey Guys

Since there are more and more people going FI in Australia maybe it could be beneficial for the people that have gone FI to post the problems they have encountered in their setup for their cars and how to resolved it or if it is still ongoing. What they have tried with their FI setups that were either good or bad.

That way we could help each other out and build a good thread with heaps of First hand information rather then a friend said a friend saw another friend heard a friend that read a post.

Anyways for myself

Top Mount Small Sized IC: This came with the Kit and bad in every possible way, there is just too much heat in the engine bay, it was what we called a inter-heater.
W2A Intercooler: Drastic drops in IAT measured through IAT sensors before and after SC Unit, cool to touch after spirited drive, only small sized radiator on bottom, heaps of room for radiator to receive cold air. Cons would be extensive cost and alot of hosing through engine bay.
2nd Oil Cooler: drastically lowered oil temps, however sometimes on high way cruise ti will drop below 70 degree Celsius below the optimal range.
Prosport Boost & Wideband gauges: Heaps of problems with Prosport boost gauge with the sensor module in the engine bay, the heat really affects it, best recommendation stay away from it or have ur sensor module inside cabin. Wideband is generally around 1 AFR off towards lean direction, this is a precat o2sensor.
Idle Issues: Tuning based issue, resolved by using hymee protuner and changing the target RPM of idle, stopped car from stalling however still a shutter goes through the car like it is about to stall, looking at increasing idle rpm abit more.
Unboxed Pod Filter in engine bay with duct, in all summary no go for a daily, i saw my IAT throught he maf sensor reaching about 20-30 degree above ambience during idle, and roughly around 10 above ambience on high speed cruise. Changed to AEM true CAI, drastic improvement, saw IAT whilst idle 10 degrees above ambiance and during high speed cruise 1-2 degrees off ambiance.
Noise: Drastically louder through exhaust, SMB Mid Pipe was unbearably raspy with borla catback and xtreme rotary extractors, tried a 2nd resonator on the catback, helped with raspiness, but was still loud and generally unbearable. Changed Hi Flow Cat out with BHR Mid pipe, tremendous improvements, much better tone no raspiness. In hindsight just buying the reasonator or rewielding stock cat with high flow cat may have been the better option.
Overheating As a daily saw my car overheating alot during summer, BHR radiator did not help with anything at idle and appeared to be slightly more efficient at dropping temperature when moving. Mazmart Remedy Waterpump is a go, adjusting fans on protuner yielded best result, making them come on earlier.
4.77 Final Drive This is prob not applicable for turbo owners, but anyone else using centrifugal S/C or NA this did give me abit of extra oomph, but do not expect ground breaking difference, overall rpm up by 1.2k rpm at any given speed, for a 4 port cruising at 100 kmph i was around 3.5k rpm in 4th.

Thats all i can think of at the moment, if you guys can also input some with problems you saw and how you fixed it, it be appreciated


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