Hi from Tbar, Qld

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TimTastic Inc.
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Hi from Tbar, Qld

Post by TimTastic Inc. » Wed Jun 24, 2015 11:03 am

Hi all,
Been lurking on here for a while and just registered. Have had my 8 for just on a month now (2007, leather, Bose etc..) I will post some pics when I get my damn phone to recognise this computer.
Enjoying the balls out of the car, especially after coming from a 4wd Triton.
I have seen lots of good advice and ideas on here, but I think the only things I am going to change are custom floormats (should be here today!) and installing an Aux in so I can listen to my ipod/phone.
Took it for it's 1st long trip (about 400k) last weekend and loved it. Also loving redlining it up the Toowoomba range everyday.
So, G'day and I'll see you around the forums or on the road.


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