Cut-off seal contacting/hitting ports

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Cut-off seal contacting/hitting ports

Post by Dougee » Tue Oct 27, 2015 1:05 pm

Hey guys,
So ive inherited a problematic rebuild to source the issues on. Comp test showed low comp on 2 face of the front rotor.
Ive torn it down and it seems all of the cut-off seals have been slightly contacting the ports, however on one the seal has hig the port that badly it has broken the little lip that goes over the roatation pin off, which then caused damage to the apex seal.

I have layed my racing beat street port templates over the irons and it seems that is indeed what the person has used and the ports look to be okay.

The Cut-off seals were all replaced with atkins and the springs, lasted 3km before dropping comp.

First question is has anyone seen this issue before?

Secondly what options do I have?
I was thinking possibly using older spring may lessen the effect, along with a slight chamfer on the join of the seal?

Can the renesis be run without them?

Thankyou guys

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