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Rules of this Site

Post by timbo » Mon Mar 27, 2006 2:02 pm

1. This is a public forum on the Internet. Everything you post here can be seen publicly, so you should not post anything that you would not be prepared to shout in a crowded room of strangers.

2. Above all, the golden rule applies in this place: treat others as you want to be treated. In addition, it should not be assumed that by posting behind a nickname you are not accountable for your actions. Most importantly, others have the right to privacy. Specifically, this means you must not reveal anything about any third party and you should be very careful about what you reveal about yourself. In practical terms, this means being careful about publicly revealing your identity or any identifying characteristics. Photos of cars are a case in point: you should not reveal identifying marks of others’ cars unless you have their specific permission to do so.

3. Please respect new members, especially those who may not have had experience in these places before. Politely direct them to this post, so they get to know the rules. New members, please read this carefully. We will quickly assume you have done so. And also, learn to use the “Search” function; very often a question you have has been dealt with before, and older members tend to get a bit touchy when questions “asked and answered” arise again. Older members, try to be patient!

4. Don't make slanderous accusations. If you have a problem with another member or business, and cannot prove it absolutely, don’t bring in into the forum. It could be treated as grounds for a lawsuit if you do.

5. This forum is moderated but the moderators cannot be here all the time. Therefore it is up to all of us as users to exercise good sense, taste and discretion in what we post. Sometimes your post may be moderated. That is because in the personal opinion of the moderator, you have overstepped the boundaries of taste or sense. The moderator may provide an explanation but is not obliged to; this place is not a democracy – the moderators try to maintain order but ultimately have to take swift action on occasions. Please do not attack the moderators in public on this or any issue. There is a PM system if you have any questions.

6. Please do not engage in ‘flaming’. No distinction will be made between the instigator and those who merely participate.

7. Personal attacks including racist, homophobic, or misogynistic remarks against other forum members will not be tolerated. Please keep politics, religion and other contentious issues out of posts.

8. Be respectful. This is harder to define, but will be moderated. Don’t just “bash” someone because they have purchased a car with an automatic transmission, or a colour you don’t like.

9. Do not post about street racing or "kills" on this site. This will not be tolerated. None of us can condone or encourage this kind of behaviour, and posting about it inevitably leads to “flames”. Just avoid the temptation. Go on a track day, post your time slip if you want to brag. Had some dyno work done? Post the result sheet. Let the data speak for itself.

10. Please do not post sexually explicit material, nudity, or graphically violent material here. If you don’t see it on free to air TV, you don’t see it here – it’s that simple. We’re family friendly!

11. Please avoid profanities, especially in thread titles. Yes, sometimes we all want to express ourselves, but it would be appreciated if swearing were kept to a minimum.

12. Try to keep on topic in threads. This is hard and we are all off-topic at least some of the time. If you have a new thought and it is worth discussion, post it as a new thread, or take it into one of the more general discussion areas.

13. Please do not deliberately inflate your post count (aka "post-whoring") by responding to a thread with multiple responses when one would do, or "contributing" to threads with a constant string of "me too" or "yeah!" type comments. It is just a waste of space, and experience proves that other forum members will quickly judge you by this sort of behaviour. If you want to chitchat, go to the lounge.

14. Use the PM feature if you have a specific discussion with one member, but please do not abuse this system.

15. You will forget these. Moderators will remind you from time to time and may in their absolute discretion modify and add to these, and deal with transgressions. If we all just apply a little common sense we’ll all get along very well.

These rules have been based on those of a number of online forums, especially the forum, and their guidance is gratefully acknowledged.

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What the Rules Mean......

Post by timbo » Mon Mar 27, 2006 2:04 pm

I am grateful for xxup for his good humour and summarising skills

1. It's a forum - Everything you write can be seen by everyone

2. Respect the privacy of others - ask before showing the number plates of other member's cars in photos posted on this forum.

3. Older members be patient! Newer members learn how to search..

4. Don't make slanderous accusations - this forum has lawyers as members and the other members can afford lawyers too.

5. Any post may be edited by a moderator - extermination is the penalty for public attacks on moderators.

6. No Flaming!!!!

7. No personal attacks, no racist, sexist, religous, political or other potentially discrimitory comments - JUST TALK ABOUT RX-8s!!!

8. Be respectful - automatic and poverty pack owners have feelings too!

9. Do not post about street racing or "kills".

10. No sex or violence in any format please.. JUST RX-8s

11. No swearing either

12. Stay on topic.

13. No post-whoring!

14. Use PM if the topic is one that is not relevant to the rest of the forum.

15. You will NOT forget these rules...