Reverse "beep" - no reverse sensor installed

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Reverse "beep" - no reverse sensor installed

Post by andabatae » Wed May 26, 2021 5:35 pm

G'day everyone,

Not sure how active this site is anymore, but if anyone is out there- I have a weird one.

I've had my 8 since 2009-ish, with a period of about 5 years where it was in the hands of a family member. I've recently had an engine rebuild and she's back on the road.

The weird thing: there's a beeping that occurs when I put her in reverse. Weird, because it never happened while I had her, and the family member reports that it never happened for them either. I definitely have not installed a reversing sensor, and there's no indication of any sensors on the rear bumper.

I've filmed a quick example:

When the shop rebuilt my engine (plus they did a few other things, like replace the clutch), is there a chance they reconnected a reversing sensor that was previously disconnected? I'm honestly stumped.

The beeping sounds like it's coming from inside the rear seats.

Any help would be appreciated!



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