REACT - Googong Dam BBQ - May 15th!

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REACT - Googong Dam BBQ - May 15th!

Post by Vanq » Wed May 11, 2011 4:10 pm

Cross posted from REACT :)
Some of you might remember that some of us tried to go to Googong Dam in October last year. Also, some of you may have noticed that there hasn't been much REACTing of late.

So, I think we should try this again. I'm happy to work around people, so put in suggestions for dates and times. I'm also happy to make it as long or as short as people want. We've done a Cotter Cruise in May a couple of times, so that gives people plenty of time to un-book themselves from family events and come to this instead.

While I'd love this to be a big, awesome REACT event, if we're not looking like having loads of cars, I'm happy for this to be advertised elsewhere, and for people to bring along all their petrol loving friends. Stay tuned.

Edit: Cotter roads are currently rubbish, so we're going to Googong.
Tell your mates, and feel free to post on other forums (I've put a post on AusRot).

CAMS Permit has been granted. Financial REACT members should list their name and rego with me on the day. Non-members should consider themselves 'trial members' for the purposes of the cruise.

May 15th (National Motoring Heritage Day 2011)

The Plan (Map):
Meet at the top of Black Mountain at 11am.
Drive to Googong Dam via QBN for a bit of a BBQ. (~30km each way).

Me - Mazota 929
74gt - s3 wif 12a powar
Austerror - Cosmo (make it happen!)
76wags - 808 troop carrier
Jen - 808 rust bucket Very Happy
10a r100 - One of the clan
Josh - Yellow shouty thing
Coffin - Some piston powered nonsense
chedavey - Monochrome s3
Vanq - rx8 (goes fastest coz it's red)
Tyrie - Micra shod with fully sik semi slicks
Commuter - really slow s5.
Sam (maybe) - Group B Courier.

Assumed to be coming :
Nark Meal

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