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Please read BEFORE posting: Rules for Selling
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Rules for Selling - Read this BEFORE posting

Post by zoom » Mon Mar 30, 2009 6:28 pm

The Following is NOT NEGOTIABLE. Any attempt to ask for "special favors" will result in you being forever ignored.

This forum uses a system of Validated Membership to enable Selling on the Forum. That is, if you wish to sell on here, you MUST be validated by another Validated Member. If you cannot get another Validated Member to validate you DO NOT ask to be validated.

Please use common sense and:
  • Only deal with Validated Members (that includes Buyers AND Sellers)
  • do not give out your credit card details
  • remember that you pay at your own risk

If you wish to become a validated member then you will need to PM one of the following members:
  • Zoom
  • RX-8
  • Vanq
The PM must contain
  • Your request to want to sell RX-8 related items
  • Full Name and forum username of a Validated forum member that can vouch for you (your sponsor).
  • Your acknowledgement that you deal as both a Seller and Buyer on these forums AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The following is a sample PM:

I would like to become a Validated Member on the forum. John Smith, username "smithy", who is a Validated Member has agreed to vouch for me.

In becoming a Validate member, I acknowledge that I Buy and Sell on at my own risk.


Once this message is received, your details will be validated with the sponsor and if approved you will be made a validated member.

The and its associated owners do not police or accept any liability as to the accuracy of 'for sale' items posted within this forum.

While sympathetic, we have no control over your actions and again take NO RESPONSIBILITY.

If you know of any abuse of these 'for sale' forums then please let us know ASAP.

If you wish to sell an item on the forum as a private selling (eg. a non-vendor) your post must be as follows:

The subject of the post should clearly indicate:
  • If you are Selling (FS) or Buying (WTB)
  • The State the item is in
  • The item for sale

FS - [VIC] 4 x Spark Plugs
WTB - [NSW] Ignition Coils

You post should be as follows:
Description: what specifically is being sold, whether it is original, or replica and condition
Price: Price being asked
Location: Location of item
Shipping: Identify whether you are willing to post or pickup only
Pictures: Include pictures or identify that none are available
Contact: Include contact details (Mobile, email, PM, etc)

Any post that does not follow this template will be given ONE warning, if the warning is not headed the post WILL BE REMOVED.



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