Free Autocraft bodykit

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Free Autocraft bodykit

Post by ct031 » Mon Jul 19, 2021 7:44 pm


I have a Autocraft wide bodykit for the rx8 anyone who is interested can have it for free unless you feel you want to contribute something towards attaining the bodykit please feel free to offer something. Bought it when I had my rx8 but never got to put it on my car so i have a brand new bodykit sitting in my garage that needs to be moved within the next 3-4 weeks.

You can google it Autocraft Rx8 bodykit and pics will come up on what it looks like.

Anyone interested please feel free to call or text me on 0419 730 978 and enquire about the bodykit.

I don't log on to the site much now so please call or text me, want it gone to a better home and to someone that would have use for it. I would have to think about it if someone interstate wanted it and you would have to pay for postage obviously. Call or text me and tell me a bit about yourself and your car. Want to give it to an enthusiast who loves the rx8 as much as i did.

Please anyone feel free to contact me at the earliest possible date if they want a Autocraft wide bodykit for the rx8.

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